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Debby Friday  Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback Aquakultre   Indian Giver Myst Milano   Waubgeshig Rice

Ash Park 
 Blunt Chunks
Breadclip  CARNAGE  Cuerpos  
Corey Clocksy  DaMi  Destiny     Gallery  Gravy  Groceries  
HERE and NOW  Hotmail Summer
Jenina MacGillvray  Knarl 
Love Language  M. Bootyspoon     Meg McLaughlin  MUMMERS   Needle Crafts  NL Latin Band     PRIORS  Stacey Sexton
 Taupe  Tunnel Vision
Ura Star & Fireball Kid  Valmy

Aley Waterman
 Augurs Wand     Eva Crocker  Megan Samms
& Ash Hall  M’LK CollectivE

Reading Series
★ Film Screenings    Workshops ★ Panels  Downtown Music Crawl ★ Merch and Print Fair    and MORE! 

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