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12th issue of I Don't Do Comics (3rd printed)!

We asked comic makers from all over the world, and all skill levels to send us their interpretation of the theme "Out and About".

Printed by Nothing New Projects.

This edition includes comics by:
Alex Desrosiers
Amelia Del Rizzo
Anya Martin
August Park
Avril Guarino
Ben McGrath
Brendan Lacy
Cass Clowe-Coish
Christine Waugh
Christopher Plenzich
Constanza Lobos
Cynth Fresnoza
Della Rose
Elijah Janka
Emily McDonald
Harrison Hudson
Hitesh M. sonar
Ignacio Sosa
Itzayana Furlan
Jaimie Lee Peterson
James Taylor
Janine Dukelow
Jem Woolidge
Jen Aster
Jeremy Pommier
Jeremy Wills
Kait Little
Katarina Martins
Katie Hufnagel
KB casey
Khale McHurst
Kiki Hamazaki
Krist Menina / Yakal St. Moving Co.
Ky Lawrence
Lena Bouma & Hannah Green
Maude Blanchet
Nicholas Friesen
Niharika Malik
olive thorbrook
Pao-Ju Chen
Peter Kozak
Raul "Rulito" Palacios
Rike Rothe
Sanika Phawde
Sarah Phillips
Serena Williamson
Shan Leigh Pomeroy
Sophie Smith
Steel Transplants
Stephanie Damplo Luke
T. S. Cuccia
Theresa Brown
Tim Rees
Tom Waitzman
Wen Chen
Zainah Ahsan

Organized by Allie Brown and Nora de Mariaffi in 2024
Cover artwork also by Allie & Nora

LV14 x I Don't do Comics Issue 12 "Out and About"

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