April 23rd, 2012


Thank you. The second Lawnya Vawnya was a smashing success. We can’t thank Graham Kennedy enough for sending us these amazing photos from throughout the weekend.


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April 21st, 2012


Here’s a few photos from Friday night’s show at The Ship with The Inbreds, Marine Dreams & Other People.

Photos by Mark Bennett


Other People

Other People

Marine Dreams

Mike O'Neill of The Inbreds

The Inbreds


April 15th, 2012

Music Crawling

A beautiful series of sketches from Urban Sketchers of last year's downtown music crawl.

Let’s hope that this weather keeps up because next weekend we’re bringing back the downtown music crawl on both Saturday and Sunday. Meeting at Model Citizens at noon each day, we’ll guide everyone from venue to venue where festival artists will play short, acoustic sets in unusual places. The music crawl is free (though donations are gratefully accepted), and these events are children-friendly. The exact locations and times are a surprise, but, if you can’t make it to Model Citizens at noon, wander along Duckworth and Water Streets and you’re sure to run into a big, happy gang of people.

On Saturday Laura BarrettMarine DreamsMike O’Neill, Wax Mannequin and Olympic Symphonium will be performing, and on Sunday Snailhouse, Stanley Brinks and Freschard, Richard Laviolette, BA Johnston and All the Wiles will perform.

April 13th, 2012

Bursting your fuzzy little indie rock heart

That’s what we’re trying to do with next Friday’s lineup at The Ship. Seriously.  The case in point(s):

1. Other People is a smart indie-pop recording project that blossomed into a live band in January with a massively packed debut. They’re so good you’re going to cry. Check out their myspace!

2. Marine Dreams is the fuzzy lo-fi guitar pop of Ian Kehoe of Attack in Black. He’ll be backed up here by several former Constantines. Check out a video:

 3. The Inbreds were one of the very best bands to come out the Canadian 90s alt-rock thing. With only a very talented bass player, a very talented drummer, a fuzz pedal and some of the best pop songs you’ve ever heard they burrowed deep into the hearts of music-lovers everywhere.  Scheduled to play The Ship on one of their last tours, the gig fell through and the band never made it to Newfoundland. Now, 20 years after forming, they’ll be headlining this stellar lineup.  Check a video! Kitten!


This show is happening Friday, April 20th at The Ship. Cover is $15 at the door, bands will start around 11. We recommend getting there early ’cause this lineup is STACKED (and the room will probably get packed.)

PS. If you’re on facebook the “event” is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/267962189952556/

April 12th, 2012

Wax Mannequin: Maverick

If you’re not familiar with Wax Mannequin, I would suggest you start with this Exclaim piece.

Wax, as he’s referred to by friends and fans, is the alter-ego of Chris Adeney: a relentless touring musician, a performance artist and a dark, but whimsical, tour-de-force of a man who has never taken the Canadian music-world by storm, but has taken every bar between CBTG’s and Vancouver by storm at least once.

He’s weird. Definitely. But since when do we want art and music that isn’t weird? The glory of Wax Mannequin is yelling “so much semen for such a little fucker” at the top of your lungs while you try to gather up the plastic roses he’s ripped from his shirt cuffs and flung out into the dance floor. And thinking all along that maybe you’re really sick of everything being so damned literal and obvious all the time anyway.

Wax Mannequin is a cult artist, a troubadour, a performance piece, a rock and roll show and a treasure. He plays at The Rose and Thistle on Thursday, April 19th with Das Fucking Tops and Colonel Craze & The Hunch. $7, or free with a festival pass.

Adeney acknowledges that his artistic impulses are driven by an inherent disparity; a fight between his quiet, brooding, introspective ego, and the bizarre, over-the-top, aggressive id that surfaces so forcefully. Growing up in his Hamilton household, Adeney interpreted normalcy differently than his peers. “My mom’s an artist and she makes boxes out of clay with bolts and chains and things,” he recalls. “Throughout my youth, I’d ask her what she was doing and she’d just explain that she was making a box with worms that are being cut open, or tying up a plastic baby inside of a smoke-fired clay box. I think I instinctively picked up on the whimsy of what she was doing – that it was dark and disturbing but somehow was not to be taken entirely seriously. That’s informed what I do to a certain extent.”




April 12th, 2012

On Stanley Brinks

Once I drove from Peterborough, Ontario to New Jersey to see a band called Herman Dune. They’re a French band, and at that point they didn’t really play North American shows outside of New York City and maybe Austin. But we really loved this band, and so we spent the day driving in order to go to some little bar in Hoboken and see them.

Herman Dune was originally the project of two brothers and their fake-brother drummer. One of the brothers wrote sunny pop songs about love, and the other brother wrote dark, jazzy songs about alienation. Both of them were very funny though, and the combination was nearly perfect: rich and varied and full of love and loneliness.

Eventually though, Andre Herman Dune (the dark and jazzy brother) left the band just after Herman Dune’s first major label release. Now he lives in Berlin where he records under the name Stanley Brinks. And boy does he record… As Stanley Brinks he’s released over a dozen albums, collaborations and special projects, all on CD-R. Eschewing the traditional trappings of the music industry, Stanley Brinks lets his boundless creativity and prolific songwriting speak for itself and has created a niche for himself outside of the pressures to succeed in the music-market.

His recording ethos is definitely compelling, but it would be nothing if so much of his vast catalogue wasn’t also reflective, smart, thoughtful and interesting.

We’re very, very excited to be able to present this compelling artist at Lawnya Vawnya this year. Check him out at The Rocket Room on April 19th at 8 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door and free for pass-holders.

Check out some of Stanley Brinks’ discography on bandcamp.

Stanley Brinks with the fabulous Wave Pictures:



April 11th, 2012

Fake Prom behind us, The Festival ahead!

Getting the stage set for Fake Prom


This year’s Fake Prom was a huge success and, ultimately, the Wobbly Pops and their bitter rivals, The Texmestics, buried their hatchets in the bosom of Vitamin C’s Graduation.

Thank you to everyone who dressed up and came out: we raised a lot of money to help fly in visiting artists and poets, feed them and house them and make sure everyone has a great time. We appreciate the support.

But! Speaking of the festival: it’s only a week away!

Next Wednesday, April 18th we hope you will join us at the Inn of Olde in Quidi Vidi for an Opening Night kick-off party featuring Sherry Ryan, The Goodbyes, Woolly Leaves, Steve Maloney and Joanna Barker.  Doors will open at 8 pm, and cover is PWYC.  Hope you can make it down for a beautiful, early Wednesday show!


Check out this lovely video of Joanna Barker:

And this tune from Woolly Leaves (The Constantines’ Will Kidman):

March 21st, 2012

Fake Prom pics

A quick google search for last year’s Fake Prom and we found a bunch of photo – thanks Laura Condon and the other’s who had posted these shots online. We’ve got a great photographer (Tyler John) on hand this year taking your photo, so be sure to pick out that perfect outfit (don’t forget the corsage).

March 18th, 2012

Lawnya Vawnya Program coming soon – get your ad in.

Hey do you have a business, or a plan, or a scheme, or a thing that you’d like to let people know about? The LV program is going to be out on the streets by Fake Prom and it will be an excellent way to let our audience know about your neat stuff.

Want details? Or rates? Email info@lawnyavawnya.com

March 17th, 2012

Q loves Mike

Mike O’Neill (of the Inbreds) is on Q this morning. Give it a listen. Mike will also be playing a solo set during LV as part of our glorious downtown music crawl.

Check it out here