Owen Steel was raxqised equally between a farmhouse in rural Prince Edward Island and a rambling, seaside hotel in small town New Brunswick - the latter playing host to an array of touring musicians who instilled in him an interest in song craft as a boy. Tied to such curiosities as wild animals, cross dressing, hobo culture / travel, symbolism, and much more, he sings his way through an assortment of garage / folk material that runs the gamut from simple and coy, to ugly and bizarre.

Touring occasionally in support of numerous releases, O has popped up in corners from Newfoundland to the Yukon, the streets of New Orleans, and various European locales, in the process making his way under the radar and into the ears of a small but mighty group of listeners.

He will be backed at Lawnya Vawnya by rock 'n rollers and fellow New Brunswicker's, Motherhood.