Lawnya Vawnya 2016 | Yonatan Gat
An exposition of art and culture in St. Johns Newfoundland.
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Yonatan Gat

About This Project

Master guitarist and improviser Yonatan Gat (founder of Monotonix) is currently touring the world with his eponymous trio, melting faces with their one of a kind psych-punk-world-improvisation concerts, these shows are seen more and more as rituals.

Playing in the middle of the dance floor — amidst adrenaline-fueled sweaty audiences — Gat’s trio deliver a new breed of psychedelic rock – heavy on improvisation, punk urgency and musical expression, creating a collage of cultures and styles into “a world party – respectful of tradition but unafraid to throw everything in a blender and gulp. A frequently dazzling display of the trio’s impressively far-flung influences.” (Pitchfork)

SPIN wrote “you’ve never seen anything like it, cults have been formed over less,” the NY Times pronounced Gat stretching “the static definition of a concert – you might have heard echoes of funk from Benin; Cuban son from Senegal; Chicano rock from Los Angeles; Afro-Brazilian soul from Rio de Janeiro; and the pentatonic and Arabic scales that connect much of the world. But the basic protocol of a concert — the band stays here, the audience stays there — kept getting disrupted and turned over.”

Continuing the legacy of Yonatan’s previous projects – these shows give a whole new meaning to the word “live” and the separation of “art” and “life”. Every show being improvised and tailored to the moment – it represent a unique, fleeting document, a moment in time that cannot be replicated.



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