Lawnya Vawnya 2016 | Punch Table
An exposition of art and culture in St. Johns Newfoundland.
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Punch Table

About This Project

“Sequins. Salt Water.  Snowboards. Late nights. Left Hands. Early mornings. Power Suits. Pant Suits. Fried Food. Bumping. Grinding. Tacos. Watches. Rock. Roll. Shoelaces. .60 Gauge. Light Beers. Misuse of the letter H. Cold Winter. Yelling. Denim. Last minute. Second Hand. Poutine.

What to these things have in common???
Punch Table are four bow-on-top-bay-b’ys who sing bratty lyrics on top indie rock melodies, coupled by pop-punky tones – Punch Table are based out of St. John’s Newfoundland, they all grew up in rural Newfoundland, and they’ll make you stay out later than you planned. “

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