Lawnya Vawnya 2016 | Hear/Say
An exposition of art and culture in St. Johns Newfoundland.
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About This Project

Hear/Say are a dynamic, live hip-hop band that borrows both progressive rock elements and catchy pop grooves that are sure to grab attention and make feet move. The band applies a full instrumental approach in supporting their MC, Adam Martin, giving their spin on hip-hop a raw and organic feel. After being awarded the 2012 MusicNL demo grant, Hear/Say recorded their breakout effort, the “Make a Friend” EP with the help of producer Scott Hammond (Great Big Sea, The Once, Russell Crowe, The Novaks, Andrew James O’Brien) and recording engineer Rob Rose. After its release in the spring of 2014, the “Make a Friend” EP was presented with the MusicNL Urban/Electronic recording of the year award. The EP is a compilation of six songs where the band strived to capture every decibel of volume, and every kilojoule of energy that they bring to their live shows.

Hear/Say has had the honor of playing with such incredible acts as Shad, Dragonette, Cadence Weapon, Ghettosocks, Rich Aucoin, Mark Bragg, Repartee, and Baytown; and the pleasure of performing in festivals and conferences like Lawnya Vawnya, Random Sound, Jib Fest, the MusicNL awards and the East Coast Music Awards. As the band expands and makes more connections, they anxiously await bringing their brand of dance hip-hop to the rest of Canada.



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